Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Today I bought a Fiat 500 die cast. Ever since Top Gear review this car, I’ve been interested in it because of the practicality and style of this beautiful looking car. Too bad it’s too expensive in Indonesia. I wish someday I could buy the real thing.

I bought this model car for Rp.22.900 with 25% discount, so in the end I only have to pay Rp.17,175 or around $1.43 according to Google finance. Bought it at Ramayana Robinson (Jl.Baru) supermarket. It’s made by Majorette.

Two weeks ago, I also happen to bought Mini Cooper and De-Lorean model car at the same store. You may have catch a glimpse of it at my last New Messenger Bag post, where both cars usually parked at my desk at office.

Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

New Messenger Bag

Last weekend I just bought a messenger bag. I have been looking for messenger bag for quite sometime then, to replace my almost two years old backpack that I bought right after my college graduation. I now use scooter to commute between my home and train station, I think it’d be look and feel better to use messenger bag.

After researching online, the almost perfect bag that I really wanted was Timbuk2 Catapult. But the nearest timbuk2 store is on the next city (Jakarta) and it’s much more expensive in Indonesia (almost equivalent to $80 rather than $45 display price on timbuk2 store). So I put off my desire for another time and keep using my backpack.

Last Saturday (14/6), I went to my neighborhood shopping centre, planning to buy work trouser and checking out new Mario Bros Happy Meal’s toys. After bought quite comfy brown trouser, I find myself wandering to 3rd floor of the shopping center, this is not what I normally do, the last time I check which is around 2-3 years ago, 3rd floor is basically kids clothing and office supply section located. I was surprised 3rd floor doesn’t looks like I remember, there’s new section for toys and bags!,

Without hesitation, I check out the bag section first and found out a good selection of messenger bags is being sold. Lo and Behold! My new messenger bag.

messenger-bagListed price for this baby is Rp.209.000.- or around $17, since I’ve discount member card, I got it 10% off.

It’s very nice bag that hold all my EDC needs. It fits my jacket, wallet, small water bottle, umbrella, portable hard disk, smart phone and chargers. I reckon it can still hold more, a flashlight and a multitool already on my wishlist.

You may have been wondering, why all of sudden I wake up from dead and post something on my blog. Well, sometimes when I look at my stuff, I try to remember when and where I bought it and imagine how useful this stuff is and was it worth it that I bought it at first place. A lot of time, I can’t remember exactly when I bought something and whether there’s significant memory behind it. For example my backpack, I know it buy it around my graduation which is almost 2 years ago but I can’t remember with whom I bought it and which store. For me, it’s just annoying to not remember something even it’s considered small stuff for some people.

Anyway, here’s another picture of my new bag

fixie is my ride exsport bag

There’s cute patch on the flap, Fixie is my ride. Unfortunately I never own a fixie bike, I do own a road bike from my college days though, it just sit on garage and on dire needs of new tire.

Oh yeah, the brand of the bag is exsport. You may never heard of it, since it’s local Indonesian brand. Although I heard they do sell it to other countries.

That’s all, Valar Morghulis chaps! ;)