Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Today I bought a Fiat 500 die cast. Ever since Top Gear review this car, I’ve been interested in it because of the practicality and style of this beautiful looking car. Too bad it’s too expensive in Indonesia. I wish someday I could buy the real thing.

I bought this model car for Rp.22.900 with 25% discount, so in the end I only have to pay Rp.17,175 or around $1.43 according to Google finance. Bought it at Ramayana Robinson (Jl.Baru) supermarket. It’s made by Majorette.

Two weeks ago, I also happen to bought Mini Cooper and De-Lorean model car at the same store. You may have catch a glimpse of it at my last New Messenger Bag post, where both cars usually parked at my desk at office.

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