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Casio F-94W

Casio F-94W

I just bought this tiny little Casio watch, the model number of this watch is F-94WA-8. The reason I bought this is because I’m looking for small and light watch. I’m getting tired wearing my G-Shock Mudman G-9000 because it’s so massive compared to my small geeky wrist and also I often feel the weight when I walk and make my hand stiff.

F-91W vs F-105WPicture source : http://zonacasio.blogspot.com/2014/01/cinco-razones-por-las-que-deberias.html

I was having hard time choosing between F-91W and F-105W. F-91W because of cult status and F-105W because of the beautiful blue EL. After comparing enough picture I think F-91W is ugly, especially with those tiny digits and blank space between day and date. I almost bought the F-105W, until I saw F-94W.

Picture source : http://www.casio-intl.com

I immediately fall in love with that elegant black face with catching yellow eye. The size is as small as the previous two which is perfect for my wrist. It also available with another color variation. So far I’ve no complain using this watch. The light is decent enough, it’s uses same light technology with F-91. The alarm is loud. The battery should last 7 years according to Casio. The only problem I had is the seller give me wrong manual book and I have no luck finding it online. It’s no deal breaker though, since this is simple watch and easy to operate.

I can’t recommend this watch enough for anyone planning to buy F-91W since the function and features between these two are alike. But F-94W being more good looking. Although it might hard to find on other continent, since this is Asia only model.

UPDATE : After using this watch for a month, this watch is 9 seconds late according to online atomic time. Not bad at all considering Casio claim accuracy of this watch is ±30 seconds.

Bought at : Tokopedia
Cost : 194.800 IDR ($15.42)
Ownership date : 13 January 2015

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