Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Where do I go from here?

Currently I’m quite busy with my research for my bachelor degree. What I’m trying to do is implementing mobile agent technology on location based service. My main sources mainly publication by Ichiro Satoh, many of his papers are closely related with my research. Also one of the idea to implement mobile agent on LBS is coming from one of his paper. According to Satoh many ubiquitous/pervasive computing devices are not suitable for personalized devices, thus there’s possibility to use mobile agent to made it feasible and efficient.

But after reading his journal and previous research by other student, I’m still not sure where to start developing the agent. Do I learn how to program the agent first, or maybe build the simulated network, or learn how location based service works. I guess I need to meet my research tutor to get advices. And spending a lot of time at Networking Lab at my campus.

Hopefully by the end of march I could get a mobile agent system working. Also, if you know any good source on the web that related with my research, please drop me email.

Thanks Smile

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